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Leave Drilling & Filling To The Dentist

AlumiGraphics Smooth wide format print media by FloorSignage LLC will have you packing up your drill and bits in exchange for a simple roller and a much safer, less intrusive wall graphic installation. Drilling and filling has traditionally gone hand in hand with exterior wall signage installations. Intrusive holes are drilled into brick mortar or cement to allow for a sign's bolts to anchor themselves safely to a building's exterior. The process is cumbersome and at times dangerous, ensuring that electrical lines are avoided and hazardous silica dust is not inhaled by the installer.

The process also makes it harder to reclaim the original surface. Property owners are typically left with patched holes which, if not filled properly, will ultimately succumb to the effects of nature's freeze and thaw, resulting in a deteriorating surface. AlumiGraphics Smooth allows installers to leave the drilling and filling to the dentist in exchange for a safer and more sustainable wall graphic solution.

The aluminum base component of AlumiGraphics Smooth allows the material to conform snuggly into every crevice and crack and over every rough uneven surface such as brick or stucco. The material provides a painted on appearance that rivals any painted wall mural. Peel and stick application makes installation a breeze and does not require a costly overlaminate or heat application. AlumiGraphics Smooth is weather resistant and will last up to two years or longer. Best of all, the product can easily be peeled away to return the surface to it's original state without any patching or filling of holes left from signage hardware. AlumiGraphics Smooth wide format print media is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV and UV offset.

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