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Create Experiential Spaces with AlumiGraphics

Transforming wide expanses of bare walkways and walls into inviting spaces doesn't have to

be a daunting task. Events, tradeshows and even museums are embracing the endless opportunities to utilize wide format print media to create unforgettable experiences for their guests.

The guest experience begins even before attendees enter the building. AlumiGraphics Grip, uniquely positioned to serve outdoor spaces, is designed for asphalt, concrete and brick walkways, easily conforming to these rough uneven surfaces to provide a slip resistant painted on appearance. AlumiGraphics Smooth offers the perfect compliment for placement on outdoor walls, columns and vertical spaces. From walkways to walls, entire outdoor spaces can easily be transformed into an experience to remember.

AlumiGraphics Grip, in partnership with George P Johnson Experience Marketing, recently helped welcome attendees to Dreamforce, San Francisco's largest annual convention, by creating a larger than life park-like setting. The outdoor space immediately set the tone for the event and helped capture the hearts and imaginations of the Dreamforce attendees.

AlumiGraphics wide format print media is a direct print material with no need for an overlaminate. Quick, no heat installation makes AlumiGraphics print media a preferred choice for installers. The product lifespan of AlumiGraphics Grip is 12+ months on outdoor walkways and AlumiGraphics Smooth is 24+ months on outdoor walls. AlumiGraphics is an environment friendly sustainable product and easily recyclable.

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