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FloorSignage leadership is made up of industry professionals that pioneered and advanced material development and ushered in the era of applying durable graphics direct to outdoor surfaces. Our "wiz bang" team assists agencies, graphic designers and printers representing some of the world’s best known brands, to creatively and effectively utilize the world’s most versatile print media to deliver amazing campaigns and programs.


When communicating with FloorSignage, you speak to those directly involved in product development from start to finish.  Our client relationships are extremely important to us.  No one works as hard as we do to earn and maintain your business.

Scott Wieclaw - President

One of the original founders of FloorSignage, Scott is our visionary whose ideas challenged our development team to create a line that is better than any product on the market.  The result is our AlumiGraphics® line of print media and our DURAMarker® line of printed safety floor markers.  And with over 16 years in the advertising industry, he has the knowledge to help organizations leverage the versatility of AlumiGraphics® to help make marketing efforts more effective.


Bob Wright - Vice President

Also an original founder, Bob's goal is to make FloorSignage run like a "well-oiled" machine!  His mission is to support Wholesale Distributors and Large Format Printers to make sure products are available at all times.  Backed by a strong and dedicated team of employees, we make it easy to do business with us!


Micah Causey - Vice President of Business Development

Behind every corporation is a person who knows everything there is to know about the products they offer.  Micah IS that person!  Heavily involved in developing AlumiGraphics® from its infancy, he has injected ideas, helped perfect an efficient production model and has become extremely knowledgeable about many printing substrates available on the market.  These attributes make Micah an extremely valuable resource to both FloorSignage and our clients.

October 19-21 Las Vegas, NV
BOOTH # C5221
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