GREAT!  We have 3 Options for Indoor Use

Please review our Indoor Wall & Indoor Floor solutions and choose which product is best for your application!

The best choice for drywall, wallpapered and most other surfaces. Slightly texted printing surface.
Vinyl-Based Media
  • Our easiest and fastest installation for walls
  • Easily lasts 2 years indoors, or longer!
  • 48" x 82' Rolls
Polyester-Based Media
Our toughest and most slip-resistant
indoor floor graphic that stands up to
carts, wheel chairs & wet conditions
  • Aggressively textured surface for superior slip resistance, even in wet areas
  • Stretch and tear-resistant to withstand rough environments like airports, grocery stores and hospitals
  • Suitable for smooth indoor floors only
  • 48" x 75' Rolls
Aluminum Foil-Based Media
The best choice for interior brick walls or other highly textured surfaces.
  • Looks like painted surface when installed
  • Quick, no-heat install
  • 53" X 30', 75' OR 150' rolls
  • Brushed Silver Finish
  • Ordinary inks look metallic
  • 53" x 150' rolls
Vinyl-Based Media
Our most versatile and most popular choice for tile, wood, carpet and many other floor surfaces.
  • Slightly textured slip-resistant surface
  • Very quick installation, just peel and stick without heat
  • Quick and easy removal with no mess
  • 48" x 82' Rolls

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