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Can you believe it, it’s been an entire week since the SGIA Expo in Vegas and our legs are STILL tired!  We wanted to say thanks for visiting our booth. It was great to hear all of the success stories and learn how everyone is using AlumiGraphics and EZGrip Graphics. And, everyone seemed very excited about our SGIA Product of the Year, AlumiGraphics GLOW.  We spent a lot of time developing this great new product.  Being on the forefront of innovative media has certainly made FloorSignage the “pioneers” of floor graphic material!

With that said, one thing we learned at the SGIA show are the numerous imitation medias that overseas manufacturers are developing. As we learn of them, we compare them side-by-side and NONE have performed quite like AlumiGraphics. We encourage everyone who has been (or will be) approached, please use your best judgement when evaluating these materials. All of the products we’ve compared are far inferior to AlumiGraphics’ quality and performance. AlumiGraphics has a proven track

record as the MOST RELIABLE and MOST DEPENDABLE outdoor graphic material for walls and walkways. When you have questions or need to talk to an expert about AlumiGraphics, you’ll speak to one of the product developers here in the USA.  Don’t risk your reputation you’ve worked hard to establish, trust the AlumiGraphics brand of outdoor ground graphics media. If it’s not AlumiGraphics, it’s not the best.

Summary of Overseas Imitations:

  1.     Not compatible with all forms of wide format digital printers

  2.     Inks easily scratch / fade

  3.     Material does not conform as well to textured surfaces and may lift

  4.     Material tears easily

  5.     Does not hold up as well to weather and temperature changes 

  6.     Adhesive does not bond as well and may leave residue when removed

  7.     Small difference in pricing, some are higher especially on large quantities

  8.     The price will increase with new tariffs

  9.     Not made in the United States, must be shipped from overseas

  10.     Distributors must invest in a large amount of inventory


Advantages of AlumiGraphics:

  1.     Available in 4 Versions:  

    • AlumiGraphics GRIP – slip resistant surface for walkways.

    • AlumiGraphics SMOOTH – matte smooth surface for textured rigid walls.

    • AlumiGraphics SILVER – bright chrome SMOOTH finish for true metallic graphics.

    • AlumiGraphics GLOW – amazing glow-in-the-dark, with GRIP slip resistant surface.

  2.     Print direct to the surface, no over laminate needed.

  3.     Compatible with all Ink Technologies with numerous print profiles available for download.

    • UV, Latex, EcoSolv, and Solv​

    • UV Offset & Screen Print (SMOOTH & SILVER ONLY)

  4.     Easy to apply with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.  The material is pliable and conforms to textured surfaces without heat. 

  5.     Reliable adhesion to a wide variety of textured and smooth surfaces, withstands broad temperature range.

  6.     Meets ASTM, UL, British and Australian slip resistance and fire certifications.

  7.     Proven track record of long-term durability on outdoor applications with all types of pedestrian traffic and weather.   

  8.     Environmentally friendly – can be disposed directly into aluminum recycling. 

  9.     Made in the United States.

  10.     Availability:

    •     26.5” x 10’ & 26.5” x 30’

    •     53” x 30, 53” x 75’, 53” 150’


If it’s not AlumiGraphics, it’s not the best material for outdoor graphics on walls and walkways.

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